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title [WCBM 2015] Special Discount on the Traditional Performance
readnum 1641 date 2015-05-28
file MISO-Korean Traditional Performance.pdf
username 관리자

A Must-see Korean Performance "Miso"


You can enjoy the traditional performance "Miso" with specially discounted price!

If you have registered the WCBM2015, you are eligible to get the 20% discount.

Regualr price:  50,000 KRW    > 40,000 KRW

If you are interested, inform us of the date and time you wish to make a reservation via e-mail at pngba@pngba.org.


WCBM 2015 organizing committee


"Miso, a musical satire about a Joseon yangban (nobleman)’s deceitful attempts to seduce a beautiful woman, overcomes the limitations of traditional performance, transcends genres, and surmounts prejudices"

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