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President More about Jeong-gil CHOI

Jeong Gil Choi is a Professor in the Department of Hotel Management in the College of Hotel and Tourism Management at the Kyung Hee University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management from The School of Hospitality and Tourism Business in Michigan State University, and a Master of Science degree and Ph.D.degree with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism strategic development and financial management from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

He has worked on many international projects and participated in international conferences. His academic works include tens of articles in both trade and professional journals.

Dr.Choi has presented his research findings routinely at international and national conferences. Dr. Choi is a winner of two best paper awards from the Global Business and Technology Association. He also published several professional books for the hospitality and tourism management and development. In research, Dr. Choi is focusing on sustainable developing models, forecasting models and business strategies, demand and supply analysis, business cycle analysis, and tourism operation and marketing strategies. He was recognized by the president of Kyung Hee University as a best research professor and best teaching fellow in 2011-2012.

He is now teaching mainly in his major field of hospitality and tourism strategic development and management, service marketing, finance and contemporary hospitality trends. Before he joined to the Kyung Hee University, he taught undergraduate students in Virginia Tech, USA. He taught graduate students as an invited lecturer of the Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, and taught many industry people in Mongolia, Indonesia for many years. Recently, he has conducted academic consulting and teaching in the STP Bali Tourism College in Indonesia.

Working with industry, he has diligently consulted several hospitality management concerns in Korea, China, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, Turkey, Taiwan and the USA. Recently, he worked for a hotel in Mongolia as a Managing Consultant and foreign Executive General Manager. He also provided his expertise to Panama tourism development Project initiated by IADB. He is elected president of (KAABA) Korea Academic Association of Business Administration, one of the biggest academic association in Korea.

He seeks to be a contributory scholar who will create new knowledge for the hospitality and tourism industry, a contributory researcher, an industry consultant, and a leader in his fields.